Does Home Life Matter at Work?

One of the most essential issues for anybody is the balance of private and professional life and their mutual influence. One’s private life can cause an influence on one’s career, especially when one is striving for getting the promotion. However, in the most cases, the usefulness for the work, and moral aspects should be considered.

According to the case, the decision to promote Mr. Deer to regional manager had been already taken; however, the information that being about to get new appointment he was beating his wife from time to time had its own effect. For that reason his wife asked to promote him to improve the situation in the family for better. Therefore, there was an issue whether this information should be taken into account and how the moral aspects of this problem were connected with the work.

First, no one is empowered to judge or make predictions that family problems may reflect the future relations with the colleagues and subordinates, moreover, this connection is not provable. According to the article the man had earlier shown his responsibility.

Yet it will be decided that moral aspect of the issue should be considered in any case, there are some important points. First, Mrs. Deer and their children would not be happy if Mr. Deer’s promotion would be rejected. Possibly, his promotion really would improve their family life. His rejection with the high possibility would lead to the demotivation of Mr. Deer to work, and to destroying his family life. His expectations, possibly, can have positive effect on his family life, as well as his career.

Therefore, one of the possible ways to act is to accept John for this appointment, and at the same time to point out that company have been informed about his family problems, and his work and relations with the subordinates would be carefully supervised. According to the usefulness for the work as the main evaluating criteria balanced decision contributes a lot in this case, both for working and moral side of the problem.

To sum up, the most approachable answer is that our home life can influence our work only when it can cause troubles at work, however, it may be foreseen surely. In the most cases, when there are no clear proof between possible issues at work place and home life, usefulness for the work is more than enough for evaluating the situation.