Philosophy Paper Writing

There is a stark difference between writing a personal philosophy of life essay and writing an essay on philosophy. The former is really a statement of beliefs and values that have come to be refined as one matures and that will inform and drive one’s thoughts and actions. The latter is the stuff of academic study, as students read and research the philosophies of prominent individuals in any field. Thus, there are political, religious, scientific, historical, educational, etc. philosophers who have distinguished themselves and who are now worthy of study. Each of these types of essays or papers will need to be approached differently.

The Philosophy of Life Essay

This type of essay may be assigned in a high school or college English class, as well as in much of the humanities-related course work in which students may be enrolled. Because this is such a broad topic, many instructors will narrow the focus to the specific class. For example, in a sociology course, one may be asked to prepare a philosophy of life essay that relates specifically to that portion of one’s philosophy which relates to societal issues. In a political science course, the assignment may be geared to ideological philosophy. Writing a philosophy essay of this nature requires two things – an understanding of the philosophies of others in this field and an analysis of one’s own beliefs in relation to these philosophies. It thus requires research, study, and a great deal of introspection and self-analysis. Further, one must justify his/her own beliefs and values in the process. 

The Essay on Philosophy

This type of essay or paper is usually more research-based. An aspiring teacher, for example, may be asked to produce a philosophy of education essay that summarizes the beliefs of several prominent figures in the field. The writings of Horace Mann, Carl Jung, John Dewey, and others will be studied and analyzed in order to produce such a paper. At the same time, a student may be asked to synthesize all of these various thoughts and to develop a personal philosophy of education statement. The final product will then produce a thesis statement that provides the reader with your personal and unique philosophy, and that will be explained in the body of your paper by providing a thorough analysis of the philosophies that have gone before you.

Structuring Your Essay on Philosophy

Follow the basic rules for essay or paper development. You have a thesis; you have information and opinions. Prepare an outline that is logical in its presentation of information and your responses to such information. Write the body of your work, and then create your introduction and conclusion. Your introduction must include your thesis statement, and your conclusion should wrap up the points that support your thesis.

When You Need Help

Philosophy essays and papers are never easy, if only because of the research and analysis involved, not to mention the need to present information and personal response in a cohesive way. If you are experiencing difficulties with this task, you can always find help from a professional and trustworthy online custom essay writing company. If you locate a good one, you can request sample philosophy papers on almost any topic for a cheap paper price. These, you can use as models to produce your own. If you are really struggling and a deadline is approaching, you can order an essay and buy custom writing, based upon your specific need, and receive a personal writer to produce an original work for you.