Tips for Writing College Essays

You can ease the pain of writing college essays, if you always have a plan and an organizational strategy for completing them. Hopefully, you learned some of these while being in high school, but the expectations for content, structure and style are much greater at the university level. Whether these tips are new or simply reminders, we hope they provided valuable help with college essays production.

  1. No matter what type of essay you are writing, it must have a thesis statement. What is your main point? This should be included in the introductory paragraph, and presented as creatively as possible. If you have a clear idea of your thesis before you begin, you will stay on topic;
  2. You need some type of graphic organizer for the content (body) of your essay. If it is a narrative, for example, you need a timeline; if it is comparison/contrast, you could use a Venn diagram. It may even be a traditional outline;
  3. Remember that each paragraph in the body must have a topic sentence which is actually a sub-topic – it must be supported with facts and/or examples;
  4. The best college essay writing is reflective of a fluent style. Do not confuse your reader with long and complex sentences that contain too much information or difficult vocabulary. You are not writing a thesis or dissertation here. It is an essay. Vary sentence structure and length, and use vocabulary that does not require a dictionary for the reader!
  5. Whenever possible, use imagery or appeals to the reader’s senses. It is far better to give your reader a “picture” of what you are saying, and this makes your essay interesting. Analogies are always good!
  6. Write your introduction last. If you write the body paragraphs first, you will begin to develop ideas for a compelling and attention-grabbing introduction. Starting the introduction with a short sentence or phrase is always good;
  7. Have someone else read your rough draft before you enter the revision phase. S/he can provide an objective “eye” and point out issues that you may not see because you are too “close” to the essay. As well, they may find errors that your spell check did not identify.

Amazing college essays are written every day by students who take the time and who have the skill and the creative “juices” to create them. If this is not you, then you may want to consult an online custom essay service to get some help. You can probably buy cheap price essay examples of any type that can then serve as models as you write your own. Some of these services even offer a college essay to buy that is originally produced by an expert writer. If you choose to use a writing service from which to buy essay products, however, be certain that you use a professional one that can produce the best college essay available. Quality among these services really varies!

It is my hope that these essay writing tips will be useful to you. Remember, you are not in high school now. You are in college. The expectations for your writing skills are much higher, and it may take some real practice for you to develop the skills you need to satisfy your professors. Do not give up. With sufficient practice and a commitment, you can become the essay writer you are expected to be.