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The agreement between the Company and a customer who accesses the products and services of is defined by the following Terms and Conditions. The customer must understand the full responsibility for accepting and following the Terms and Conditions to the latter. By using website, the student is to adhere to any policies and rules that are presented at the website.

The customer will be notified about any changes made in the policies, norms, regulations or terms via posts at the website. The person is then bound by updated revisions immediately. does everything possible to notify its customers about changes made in a timely manner. However, the customers are obliged to constantly check on the regulations updates.

Proprietary Rights offers a vast number of custom writing services. The customer must be aware of the fact that any written papers are the property of and are protected by the intellectual copyright law and proprietary regulations. Furthermore, written works ordered by the customer are to be used only as models/examples used when producing as his/her work. The below mentioned policy of is to be followed by the customer. First, written papers are not allowed to be used, unless proper references have been provided. Second, the products offered by cannot be used for commercial purposes; otherwise, the customer will violate the law and, thus, will be subjected to the legal action. does not promote plagiarism as well as cheating.

Indemnification by User

The customer must indemnify from any suit, action, liability, loss, damage, expenses or any demand, as well as investigation costs, court expenses and legal fees stated by the third party that is related to the customer’s use of services. keeps the right to defend itself and control any indemnification case committed by the customer. Refunds Policy

Complete refunds cannot be issued without extra fees if:

  • The customer proved by giving proper evidence that the paper has been plagiarized.
  • In case the advanced writer was not found in a specific field to complete the order of the customer.

2CO services that are in charge of safe payment transactions have the full right to make cancelations or refunds of any type without the provider’s prior agreement.

Communication between the Customer and

The customer is obliged to provide the correct contact details including telephone number (optional) and a valid email address (obligatory) in order to communicate with representatives on a constant basis. General notifications can be viewed at website. If needed, communication with the customer can be performed via email. 

Termination of Order has the right to terminate the order. The customer will be then informed about it in the shortest time possible and a full refund will be given. puts all the efforts to complete the order and follow the requirements indicated to the latter. However, in case is incapable of doing so, the order will be cancelled or terminated.

If the customer stated that the instructions of the order have not been met, the customer is then to inform of such case within 48 hours after the product delivery. If asserts that the requirements were not followed by the writer, the written work will be revised in accordance with the primary instructions and additional fees will not be charged. If the customer, however, does not inform within the time frame set, the sale is then definitive. In this case, further revisions demanded by the customer will be completed only if the additional payment is provided. Instructions cannot be changed after the customer has ordered a receipt; under other conditions, extra fees will be charged.

Confidentiality and Transmissions via the Internet

Transmitting information over emails, the Internet or social networks is not safe. For this very reason, interceptions, alterations, losses may occur. Therefore, is not responsible for any damages that can happen, or payment of any additional costs that may be demanded in case of unsuccessful transmission over the Internet. Accordingly, puts all the efforts to protect personal information of the customer; however, safety of the exchange of emails that may contain private data cannot be guaranteed. Whereas ensures that customer’s privacy will never be shared with any third parties, the data presented by the customer to will not result in liability to the customer on behalf in case these data were released by unintentionally or if the data were accessed by the third parties without permission.