The Medical School Application Essay

You are entering your final year of pre-med training; you are ready to apply to medical schools; and you discover with each application that there are one or more essays you must now write. Your undergraduate work has been in the sciences, with only the minimum course work in English writing. You have written a college essay or two; moreover, you have even produced academic papers in your field. How, then, do you write that application medical essay that will stun the admissions committee and make them want you? You have two options:

  1.  You can choose to struggle and stumble through the essays writing process and come up with what is, at best, a mediocre application medical essay. You can then ask peers and friends to provide an objective review and make suggestions. If this is your choice, remember these few tips: 1) Be certain that all that you write focuses on the essay prompt you have been given, 2) have an introduction that introduces your topic with a “bang.” This is the best way for you to stand out among other applicants, and 3) get someone to check your grammar and fluency. Errors in these areas will “kill” you and tell a reader that you are lazy;
  2. You can contact a custom online writing company that has qualified writers to prepare medical school application essays. You don’t want to go to a company that offers a cheap essay price, for you will get inferior work. You want an essay writing service that has a solid reputation, from which you can buy customized writing specifically related to your topics and prompts.