The College Application Essay - Go it alone or Get Help?

Are you developing anxiety over writing college application essays? It would not be normal if you were not stressing at least a bit. Below, you may find some college application writing tips that will ease your “pain” somewhat, and make you understand that you always have options of seeking professional help.

In applying to several schools, a big mistake that students make is attempting to produce completely unique essays for each school. This is more work than necessary.

Most institutions will provide essay prompts for an essay for college application, and all will be somewhat similar in nature, unless you are applying for a specific graduate or professional program. Basically, you can expect the prompts to relate to your academic and career goals and to your personal values. If you work diligently to prepare essays in each of these three categories, with just a bit of tweaking, you can use them for all schools. 

College admission essays should not be terribly long, so you must weed out extemporaneous information. Stick to the topic and to your thesis statement, and avoid lengthy complex sentences that contain too much information. You can still be a compelling and solid writer by varying the length of sentences, and short simple sentences are excellent ways to make a strong point. Avoid lots of “flowery” language as well. You can be creative without it!

Your introduction is by far the most important part of the essay, and certainly should be paramount among these college application writing tips. If you are not able to get the “punch” you need, then get some professional help. There are a number of online custom essay services, and many are quite good with college application essay help. A good one will take your personal information and collaborate with you individually, until the perfect piece is designed. If you decide to buy writing assistance, avoid companies that offer a cheap essay price, for they are not using professional writers.