Distribution Of the Household Tasks in a Certain Family

The main purpose of this paper is to determine the Distribution Of the household tasks in a certain family (in this particular case the family of mine). I was grown up in a complete family with my mother, father and elder sister, but my sister has another biological father, so my blood father was her stepfather.

My sister is older than me by twelve years. She had been living in a mother-only family until she was ten years old. That is why she shared almost all tasks with mother: cleaning, laundry, ironing, cooking and grocery shopping. After my mother’s second marriage, the circumstances changed in a better way. My father earned enough money to keep the family and was a real male labor. Except his direct duties, he helped with cleaning the house. Anyhow, after a while, I came into the world and my sister obtained a new duty – babysitting. The composition of household work in percent was the following: mother and sister (50 to 50 percent between each other) – approximately 80-85 percent, and father – 15-20 percent (not including the car maintenance).

When I was six years old and started my participating in the household work, my sister got married and left our family. Therefore my mother took all the female duties. On the other hand, I had to grow up faster. First of all, I became a “shadow” of my father; he taught me everything he did: repairing of the car or any household equipment, mechanical works and so on. In its turn, my mother showed me how to wash the dishes and how to clean my room. In course of time, when I became a teen, I helped my mother to clean the entire house and made some repairing. Sooner I got my first lessons of cooking. In such a way the percentage composition of duties was divided into two almost equal parts: mother and me plus father and me.

I have to admit that my mother and sister had to cope with the biggest part of the household tasks, but I think it was rather reasonably.