The main purpose of this paper is to determine the effectiveness and reasonability of the personality tests using when hiring employees. Recently, numerous tests have been developed for different business segments and a wide range of jobs. These tests determine not only personal level of skills, but they also specify people who will be satisfied with a certain type of job. Besides, it helps employers to identify emotional disorders, tendencies towards violence, theft and drug abusing, that helps to reduce problems and the employee turnover as a result.    

A special focus is on such scopes of activity as police, military, firefighters, rescue workers etc., which are of high risk and demand outstanding skills to react fast and adequate in any unexpected circumstances. In common, any job that is connected with a social activity implies that a person must have a high level of social adaptation, psychological skills, stress resistance, flexibility and be more extraverted. Otherwise, there are jobs that demand inverse touches of nature, like deliberateness, scrupulousness, attentiveness for more phlegmatic and introverted people, such as: accountants, editors, designers etc. Apart from anything else, one should take into account that characters constantly change under the influence of the specifity of work, personal circumstances and other external conditions. That is why the testing should be provided rather regularly in order to determine the adequacyof the employees for the job.  

The personality tests must be rather deep and advanced to show maximum hidden features of a person. At a simple level, I must admit that there are some imperfective personality tests with predictable answers to become a candidate, that matches all the requirements for the job. Anyhow, an employer should be rather qualified person to interview an employee after testing, to be ensured totally if he/she is enough competent and relevant or not. No test can substitute a personal job talk.