Independence Forever: Why America Celebrates the 4th of July

Independence Day is the most significant day in US history, when the American nation was born, and American people announced to the world that any tyranny would be  stopped. Answering the question, why America celebrates the 4th of July, we can use John Adams statement. Independence forever is the best way to answer, why American people celebrate this day.

There is no need to speak a lot about that fact. The phrase “Independence forever” has some meanings, and that is why we can explain the importance of this day by its usage.

In accordance with structure of the word of “independence”, one of its meanings we can see is that we depend on ourselves only, therefore nobody should oppress us. This meaning is closely connected with the word “freedom”. That is why the term “independence” in this case can be applied not only to nation, but also to any human. It can be used not only for America as a nations, but also for every American, and even for every human being all over the world, meaning not only the state independence, but also individual liberty, because the independence of the state in USA are connected and derived from personal freedom, as can be seen in the Declaration of Independence.

Another compartment of John Adams’ statement is “forever”. The meaning of this word related to “constantly” or “always”.

Combining these words together, it can be seen, that John Adams’ phrase can be applied both to America, and to every nation in the world, because permanent desire to get freedom may be observed throughout all nations and epochs. Independence of USA is connected with the personal liberty, because every American understands its significance.

So, we can see that John Adams’ words are the best explanation of importance of the day when USA declared about new state and nation. Besides, according to the Declaration every human- being is born to be free and independent, to have its own rights and privileges.