Writing a Good Essay

Unfortunately, the emphasis on good essay writing skills has waned at the secondary school level in recent years. Further, as texting has become such a prominent means of communicating, students are not getting needed practice in how to write a good essay or paper. Upon arrival in college, however, the expectation is that students already possess the skills they need to produce formal academic writing, and this is not always the case. For this reason, every student can use some good essay writing tips, as they “wade into the waters” of sound essay and paper production.

Tips for English Essay Writing

All good essays are produced through three stages, as follows:

  1. Pre-writing Activities: These activities comprise the planning portion of essay writing. One must determine a topic and a purpose first. Often the general topic is provided, but it must be refined and the purpose cleanly determined. Are you to provide an explanation? Are you to tell a story? Are you to persuade; are you to compare and contrast? The purpose will determine how you organize the content of your essay. If you are to write a narrative, for example, you will need to list the sequence of events in chronological order; if you are to compare and contrast, you will need to design a Venn diagram, so that you can see similarities and differences. This content organization is critical if your final essay is to be coherent;
  2. The Rough Draft: Once you have your organizational structure, you are ready to produce the rough draft. Just write it! You are not polishing anything in this phase; you are simply reducing your organized content to prose;
  3. Edit and Revise: Good essay writing techniques involve a critical look at the rough draft, and several revisions may indeed be produced before you are happy with the result. You must look for organization, flow, style, transitions, sentence structure, grammar, and, of course mechanics. If resources have been used, they must be cited accurately.

These good essay writing tips should help you. If you are unskilled, however, you will need practice and models. Contacting a custom online essay writing company may be warranted, until you have confidence in your own abilities. A good company will provide the possibility to buy examples and models at a cheap essay price. It will also offer professional writers to produce polished and original English essay writing in a wide variety of subject fields. Using such a service can “save” your grades while you develop your own good essay writing skills.