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How Can We Determine the Cause of Human Sexual Orientation?

The main purpose of this paper is to determine what is the dominate cause of sexual orientation. The experts have two main positions for this case: biological and environmental. These points of view sometimes contradict one another, sometimes they ...


The main purpose of this paper is to determine the effectiveness and reasonability of the personality tests using when hiring employees. Recently, numerous tests have been developed for different business segments and a wide range of jobs. These ...

The Reason for the Optimist Philosophy

One of the main questions for everybody is whether everything occurs with us is for better or for worse. Voltaire in his Candide presents something like implicit discussion between optimist and pessimist philosophy. Doctor Pangloss expresses ...

Theories of Deviance

Deviance is a kind of behavior that infracts accepted social norms. Among different theories of deviance conflict theory refers to a particular sociological problems. It focuses on political, social, material inequality that exists in a social ...

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