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Clintonian Intellect

DeWitt Clinton made his scientific researches constantly, even when executing mayor’s duties; scientific work was a creative escape for his life, dedicated to politics. American intellectual life as intense as European was one of the main ...

Letter from a Birmingham Jail

Letter from a Birmingham Jail, written by Martin Luther King Jr. in 1963, is one of the most important works devoted to the struggle of the Afro-Americans for their rights. It is an extremely convincing document with bright and vivid speech. So, ...

Milton’s “Paradise Lost”

Question 1. Free will. How does Milton describe free will throughout PL? Be sure to quote specific passages. In the Book 3, God tells Son about the free will: that he creates people and all the spirits free since he wants his creation to serve ...

“The Dream Is Still Alive” and the poem “The Raven”

Many people think that the song and the poem have much in common, but others do not agree. One argument in support of the similarity, which is common to both arts, is rhyme. Neither first nor second type of art does not exist without rhyme. It is ...

Young Goodman Brown

One of the American  short  story  writers  was  Nathaniel  Hawthorne.  His  works  present  Romanticism,  in  particular  Dark  Romanticism.  The  biggest  part ...

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